Even though people working on the magazine can sometimes change, the goal stays the same – bring the readership interesting content enjoyable for looking and reading. 


These three women take pride in never doing things the usual way. Part of that is publishing a magazine with payment and payment technology-related topics, a unique addition not every payment processing company has. 

They are here not to talk about deadlines and the hard work they put into every issue, but their experience of being part of the magazine and their inspirations. 

Renata Devčić, Editor-in-chief

Renata was present from the very beginning. For this Editor-in-chief and magazine lover, the inspiration comes from a long time ago. Her mailbox, back then physical and now electronic, has been regularly filled with subscriptions of all kinds of magazines with a wide range of topics, even though her favorite one is fashion. 

Her inspiration comes from these magazines and that is seen in each of our issues because we always strive towards being creative and different rather than just staying in the space of mediocrity. Renata’s strong vision helps everyone else in their roles.

Nikolina Horvat-Subašić, Design Editor

For Nikolina, the Design Editor, the love for design and branding is what inspires her. She can go with and ameliorate a lot of styles but the one she loves the most is Scandinavian-like. And maybe also by being a great pastry chef, she knows how to mix all of the ingredients into making a color palette work or a layout.

Nikolina herself said that even when she was much smaller and younger, she would have to neatly decorate everything on the tables and around during her birthday. Nowadays, apart from decorating everything on birthdays, she always has an orderly wall with posters, pictures, and whatnot which, when you think about it, looks just like a good magazine layout.

Maša Gavran, Content Editor

For Maša, the Content Editor, inspiration comes from her love of art but also good content. She has been writing and drawing since she was little, and puts that creativity into writing but also into the design of the magazine. Her love for the abstract and modern art likes to find its way into photos and her love for witty content always find its way into articles. And no matter the topic, Maša will have an angle or something to say about it. Recently, she has found love for analytics and statistics and so before each issue, Maša finds great inspiration in researching a topic until she knows the percentages by heart. But after the issue, she is more than happy to check all the analytics and statistic of the magazine performance.

13th issue

Individually, but more importantly, all three together make things happen and contribute with their unique skills and personalities but also with the help of the numerous contributors from the Company and outside of it.

And staying on topic in the payment industry is something they don’t take lightly. Hot topics are covered in every issue, so this time the Feature theme is all about The SME market and what they need and want from their payment providers. It’s something overdue for discussion and that is why we have researched it thoroughly and drilled down into 8 separate topics, each covering a certain point for the merchant. We could not have done it without our colleagues from Concardis who gave us some extremely valuable insight into the German SME market from their research “Better cashless than less cash - the potential of digital payment methods for SMEs” done in collaboration with ECC Koeln.

When it comes to our Company news, we have also filled it with latest content and developments happening at our side, including the Group too. Nets group has also participated in this year’s Money 20/20 event, a year after communicating the merger with Concardis Payment Group at the same event.  

And if you want to read and find more about the new Apple card and how it works, the benefits of blockchain for payments, or maybe connected cars, you will find your spot in the Industry news.

Everyone is welcome, so please stay and enjoy the new issue.