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mToken keeps sensitive data protected online

Traditionally, card payments used to rely on simple authorization using only a single identifier. With new online and mobile payment methods, authorization and authentication have become more complex. Starting from 14 September 2019, the new European regulatory requirement Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will enter into effect.

Once it happens, there will be an additional and mandatory authentication step before the authorization itself and banks will decline payments that require SCA and don’t meet these criteria. 

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Feature-lenghty solution

Our Mobile Token is a single authentication solution covering different channels, in line with the SCA requirements, and goes perfectly with the 3D secure protocol. The elements used in SCA must be mutually independent, i.e. a breach of one does not compromise the other(s), and at least one of the elements should be non-reusable, non-replicable and not capable of being stolen via the Internet.  mToken thus adds an extra layer of security into your payment channels.

Unlike other similar solutions, our Mobile Token is completely customizable and can be used as a standalone app or as SDK (Software Development Kit) for integration with 3rd party apps. It can also be used on both Android and iOS platforms anytime, anywhere, with just a smart device.

Apart from the one-time-password (OTP), the solution features other authentication options explained here in greater detail:


Mercury Processing Services International can make this solution as customized as it needs to be depending on your business and your business needs. Our strength lies in making each solution unique because amazing things happen when you put identity at the heart of token-based access.

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